Thank you for purchasing or renting a device and trusting us to keep Fever and illness out of your business.

Let’s get you set up, scanning for fevers and connected to our FREE behavior management, designed to drive responsible behavior by employers and employees.

It’s super simple


Position the device at the entrance to your business to ensure that people are scanned before they are allowed in. The device should be placed around eye level and in an area where there is reliable WiFi or an Ethernet point.

1. Place the device indoors and install it on the selected stand

2. Ensure that the power cable from the stand is connected to the white cables of the device.

3. Plug the power cable to the wall outlet and to the stand

2. Connect to the WiFi

Our device works with or without WiFi however if you want to get all the benefits of our behavior management system you will need an internet connection or WiFi.

Allow the device to boot up fully. This can take 2 minutes.

Once the device is on the app, swipe up by running your finger up the bottom of the device as shown in the image. A black bar will appear with icons on it. Press the square icon.

Press the settings icon and click on the WiFi section.

Activate WiFi and allow the device to scan for the available networks. Select a network and follow the password prompts. Wait for a confirmation that the device is connected.

3. Activate the application

Exit the settings section and Click on “applications”

Click on the Faces logo. The face scanning application will open.

Look into the device for at least 30 seconds or until the device starts reading temperature consistently. During this calibration period the device may give many inaccurate readings – this is normal and is part of the calibration process.

Ensure the device is connected to the internet. You can confirm this be verifying that an IP address ( set of numbers) appears in the blue bar on the bottom.

4. Daliy Calibration




The device must be powered off at least once a day and allowed to re-calibrate. This is done by powering the device up and ensuring a person stands in front of it for at least 30 seconds or until the device read temperatures consistently. During this period the device will read out several incorrect readings- this is normal.

5. Register your device on Behavior Managament System



You are now ready to register your device on our portal and get free access to our full management system. You will receive a host of alerts and benefits designed to keep illness out of your business.

Go to and sign up.

At some point you will be prompted for the serial number of your device . This can be found on the bottom of the Heatmapz application in the blue bar.

Keep your business safe and give your employees and customers the confidence to return.